Our team

The consultation-recruiting company HR partners have been found in 2012 by the management team having long experience in this field. For many years the company successfully collaborated with different leading industrial companies.

Our main affairs consist from supporting our partners in selection of the staff and management process of human resources. During the collaboration with the representatives of the different field we received big experience even in such areas as: production, agricultural processing, medicine, construction, export, tourism, informational technology, logistics and other.

We think that during management of human resources there is no united standard and individual approach is necessary. In the first place we study the necessity of the partners and possibilities, afterward foreseeing all of this we work for receiving the maximal results.

Your success is our success


  • we can select the best and specific professional specialists
  • develop management system of human resources or arrange already exciting one
  • regulate the current processes in the management system of human resources?
  • rid off the organizational issues connected to the management of the staff
  •  find and correct the mistakes made in the staff processing.


Our mission:

Are you looking for qualified staff?

Do you have to regulate management system of human resources?

Does this all takes long time and resources?

If it is so, we are glad to help you.

Our scope is to support your business development with our HR service with supreme standards. The guarantee for our service quality, experience of team members and professionalism.

Because our client in the first place are our partner, we develop and increase together with you and  your success represents our success