• Work out and implement HR procedures
  • Implement personel filing system
  • HR Administration
  • Work out Job Desriptions and Job Instructions for each position
  • Work out HR policy manual, employee handbook or/and other HR policy documents





Each client company is served with personal HR manager who gathers information about employees, observes their work, studies organizational culture of the company. After receiving the information all our team processes work plan of Client Company, agrees with the client and during validity date of the contract work according to this plan.

In the end of each month authority of Client Company receives from us novels, problems or report concerning the staff changes made during calculation month of the company, also takes appropriate recommendations.

In case collaboration with us:




  • you do not have to employ the personal, its management or spending time in organizing all of this
  • paid amount for this service give opportunity to receive the service of high professional team instead of one average professional person
  • for the rented employees you have to pay the salary (+revenue), and the payment made for our company is included totally in the expenses including VAT
  • differing from the employed person our company guarantees that you know exactly what result is expected in what period for what price
  • if your company work is not satisfactory for you have right to cancel the agreement but for the employed person’s dismissal you have to pay the compensation.



Agreement concerning the given service is drawn for one year.

Service fee is given here